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Issues the time:[2006/12/11]   
    In family illumination apparatus aspect, except attenion energyconservation beside, lamps and lanterns illumination and illuminationenvironment are whether healthy, also becomes the social from allwalks of life issue of concern. As for the consumer that, chooses theappropriate lamps and lanterns, can build "the light and the space"harmony and health. Along with digitized life popularization, the people place oneself tothe computer, the television and the illumination environment time aremore and more long, the eye disease also emerges one after anotherincessantly, the illumination quality fit and unfit quality directlyrelate people's healthy in mind and body, as well as study and workefficiency. The investigation indicated, our country city peoplecauses because of the illumination question the eye 干涩, is sore,dizziness, the headache, tight, is weary and so on the symptomobviously increases. The child community, the recent yearsnearsightedness rate also year by year rose in particular, its reason,the illumination environment which located with our society has thedirect relations. Just obtained "the Chinese name brand" three male The auroraillumination, devotes to "the light health" the research, has providedthe science health illumination plan for the consumer. According to"three male The aurora "the technical personnel introduced that, thegeneral living room illumination needs to diversify, has the basicillumination, but also must have the key illumination and thecomparison has the appeal the illumination, facilitates builds theatmosphere. The dining room illumination suggestion focuses theattention the dinner table, the general choice colored good warm toneplumb line lamp for is suitable, by the real reappearance food luster,stimulates the appetite. The bedroom lamps and lanterns photosourcelight color suitably uses the tone which neutral also relaxes, andauxiliary by actual effect illumination lamps and lanterns, like thedressing table and the closet use the bright light, the head of a beduses the reading illumination the desk lamp and so on. The kitchen,the bathroom should by the function illumination primarily, lamps andlanterns photosource colored have to be good, the bathroom photosourcecolor warm suggestion with the cold tone, and has the waterprooffunction. The illumination product light cannot too dark, certainly is notbrighter is better. If the lamp, the lamps and lanterns, the window orother regions brightness are common environment brightness the room into be much higher than, can produce make person not comfortabledazzling, the harm vision organ, therefore the interior lighting mustavoid the disturbance which or the reduction dazzles. Photosourcecolored quite is also important. "Construction Illumination DesignStandard" stipulated that, in the room and the work place, requestlight colored should in 80Ra (sunlight colored be 100Ra). "Three maleThe aurora "illumination market inspector general Wang Jun believedthat, in addition, the illumination design aspect, must serve theatmosphere which expresses to the space. The country quality surveillance examination quarantine bureau productquality surveillance department people in charge believed that, thecontemporary illumination technology entered the higher promotionstratification plane, the energy conservation and the light healthproduct is ultimately. Promotes day by day along with the people生活品 archery target, is more and more high regarding the lightrequest. "The light health" not merely is one idea, moreover is onekind of social responsibility. 
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